Whether this is your first time stumbling across here or you’re a long time subscriber, thank you for reading my blog!  Via comment or email, I always appreciate any feedback you have on what I post.  I want to make sure any articles I post are relevant to my readers’ interests and that you find it both insightful and useful.

Since its launch (earlier this year), this blog has been the largest contributor of traffic referral to my PowerPoint products site, www.learnppt.com.  I’ve received more hits from this blog than from Google and from my numerous Adword campaigns.

As a token of my appreciation, here is an exclusive coupon for 25% off at learnppt.com.  The coupon applies to both the eBook and all the PowerPoint products (e.g. diagram packs, business frameworks, icon packs).

Coupon Linkhttp://learnppt.com/powerpoint/?promo=pptblog112010

BTW, there is a limited number of times this coupon code can be used before all the coupons are used up.  At that time, I will try to update this post with a notification that this promotion has ended.


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