David Tracy is the author of “Become a PowerPoint Guru,” an eBook teaching people how to create effective business presentations in PowerPoint.  In detail, this eBook discusses the methodologies, frameworks, and tricks used to create professional presentations in the business world.  This eBook covers beginner to advanced topics, including presentation structuring, storyboarding, and diagramming techniques.

Additionally, the eBook includes 2 powerful supplemental PowerPoint products for free:

  • Business Slides Reference Pack — This document includes well over 60 slides used in actual executive presentations. All the slides were developed by strategy consultants for companies ranging from medium sized business to Fortune 50 companies.
  • eBook PowerPoint Toolkit — This toolkit includes 50+ diagrams, shapes, charts, tables, and icons for you to use in business presentations.

Learn more about the Become a PowerPoint Guru book here:  http://learnppt.com/

Download sample chapters here: http://learnppt.com/downloads/ebookchapter/


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