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This week, a set of incredibly customizable map diagrams for PowerPoint (Excel and Word) have been added to Flevy.

These diagrams are first generated within Excel. From the Excel tool, you can specify the exact colors and highlight by country, region, province/state, and even small city locales. Once you create it in Excel, you can then copy and paste it into other formats – e.g., PowerPoint, Word.


We have seen a lot of PowerPoint map diagrams. This is by far the most flexible and comprehensive we have come across. There are 6 versions available.

Interactive Excel Map: World and Continents
This file includes the following maps (2 versions for each: with and without country labels):

  • World map in Robinson projection
  • World map in Sphere Van der Grinten projection
  • Africa continental map
  • Asia continental map
  • Europe continental map
  • North America and Caribbean continental map
  • South America and Caribbean continental map
  • Oceania continental map

Interactive Excel Map: Western Europe
This file includes the following maps (2 versions for each: with and without country labels):

  • Austria: states
  • Benelux: provinces
  • Denmark: regions
  • Finland: provinces
  • France: departments
  • Germany: states
  • Greece: regions
  • Iceland: regions
  • Italy: provinces
  • Norway: counties
  • Portugal: districts
  • Spain: provinces
  • Sweden:provinces
  • Switzerland: cantons
  • UK: Counties

Interactive Excel Map: Asia Pacific
This file includes the following maps (2 versions for each: with and without country labels):

  • Brunei: districts
  • Cambodia: provinces
  • China: provinces
  • Indonesia: provinces
  • Japan: prefectures
  • Laos: provinces
  • Malaysia: states
  • Myanmar: states / divisions
  • Philippines: provinces
  • South Korea: provinces
  • Taiwan: regions
  • Thailand: provinces
  • Vietnam: provinces

Interactive Excel Map: South America
This file includes the following maps (2 versions for each: with and without country labels):

  • Argentina: provinces
  • Bolivia: provinces
  • Brazil: states
  • Chile: provinces
  • Colombia: provinces
  • Ecuador: provinces
  • Guyana: regions
  • Paraguay: departments
  • Perú: provinces
  • Surinam: districts
  • Uruguay: departments
  • Venezuela: states

Interactive Excel Map: Africa
This file includes the following maps (2 versions for each: with and without area labels):
- Algeria: provinces
- Angola: provinces
- Cameroon: regions
- Egypt: governorates
- Ethiopia: regions
- Ghana: regions
- Ivory Coast: regions
- Kenya: provinces
- Libya: provinces
- Morocco: regions
- Nigeria: states
- South Africa: provinces
- Sudan: states
- Tanzania: regions
- Tunisia: governorates
- Uganda: districts

Interactive Excel Map: North and Central America
This file includes the following maps (2 versions for each: with and without area labels):
- Belize: Districts
- Canada: provinces and territories
- Costa Rica: provinces
- Cuba: provinces
- Dominican Republic: provinces
- El Salvador: departments
- Guatemala: departments
- Haiti: departments
- Honduras: departments
- Jamaica: parishes
- Mexico: states
- Nicaragua: departments
- Panama: provinces
- Puerto Rico: municipalities
- USA: states

If you have any questions on how exactly these map diagramming tools work, please do not hesitate to email Flevy at support [at] flevy.com.

By comparison, for more traditional PowerPoint maps, have a look here:

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Flevy is offering a free product download of a Strategy Development Discussion Deck.   This document is a discussion deck template for a corporate strategy development session. In this discussion, we go through a 2-prong approach to growth and evaluate the merits of various growth drivers. This presentation follows the standard management consulting Headline-Body-Bumper format.

By the way, this exact document is available for purchase on Flevy for $30.  It is definitely worth the free download!


Just added to Flevy, this presentation is a collection of PowerPoint diagrams and templates used to convey 30 different strategy, marketing and business management models and frameworks every manager and consultant needs to know.

You can get it here:




  1. Strategic Business Planning Methodology
  2. Blue Ocean Strategy
  3. Ansoff’s Growth Matrix
  4. The BCG Matrix
  5. Treacy & Wiersema Value Disciplines
  6. Greiner’s Growth Model
  7. PEST Analysis
  8. SWOT Analysis
  9. Porter’s Five Forces
  10. Value Chain Model
  11. The Branding Pentagram
  12. Strategic HRM Model
  13. Hoshin Kanri Strategy Deployment Model
  14. TRADE Benchmarking Model
  15. 4 Ps Marketing Mix
  16. The McKinsey 7-S Framework
  17. Value-based Management
  18. Value Stream Mapping
  19. Kraljic’s Purchasing Model
  20. Baldrige Performance Excellence Model
  21. EFQM Excellence Model
  22. Balanced Scorecard
  23. Lean Management Model (TPS)
  24. Six Sigma Quality Management
  25. PDCA Problem Solving
  26. Cause & Effect Diagram
  27. Senge’s Five Disciplines (The Learning Organization)
  28. Covey’s 7 Habits Model
  29. SERQUAL Model (RATER)
  30. Kotter’s Eight Phases of Change

You may also be interested in these other compilations of framework-based PowerPoint diagrams:

You can view Flevy’s full collection of PowerPoint diagrams and templates here: https://flevy.com/function/powerpoint-templates-ppt.


LearnPPT has finally released a new business document. It’s called the Complete Consulting Frameworks Toolkit and that name is not an understatement.  The document is currently only available for download on Flevy.

This is a VERY comprehensive document with over 300+ slides–covering 50 common business frameworks and methodologies (listed below in alphabetical order). A detailed summary is provided for each framework. The included frameworks span across Corporate Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Organization, Change Management, and Finance.

Here is the full list of included frameworks and methodologies:

  1. ABC Analysis
  2. Adoption Cycle
  3. Ansoff Market Strategies
  4. Balanced Scorecard
  5. BCG Growth-Share Matrix
  6. Benchmarking
  7. Blue Ocean Strategy
  8. Break-even Analysis
  9. Business Unit Profitability
  10. Economics of Scale
  11. Environmental Analysis
  12. Experience Curve
  13. Cluster Analysis
  14. Company & Competitor Analysis
  15. Core Competence Analysis
  16. Cost Structure Analysis
  17. Customer Experience
  18. Customer Satisfaction Analysis
  19. Customer Value Proposition
  20. Fiaccabrino Selection Process
  21. Financial Ratios Analysis
  22. Gap Analysis
  23. Industry Attractiveness & Business Strength Assessment
  24. Key Purchase Criteria
  25. Key Success Factors (KSF)
  26. Market Sizing & Share
  27. McKinsey 7-S
  28. Net Present Value
  29. PEST Analysis
  30. Porter Competition Strategies
  31. Porter’s Five Forces
  32. Portfolio Strategies
  33. Price Elasticity
  34. Product Life Cycle
  35. Product Substitution
  36. Relative Cost Positioning
  37. Rogers’ Five Factors
  38. Scenario Techniques
  39. Scoring Models
  40. Segment Attractiveness
  41. Segmentation & Targeting
  42. Six Thinking Hats
  43. Stakeholder Analysis
  44. Strengths & Weaknesses Analysis
  45. Structure-Conduct-Performance (SCP)
  46. SWOT Analysis
  47. SWOT Strategies
  48. Treacy / Wiersema Market Positioning
  49. Value Chain Analysis
  50. Venkat Matrix

These frameworks and templates are the same used by top tier consulting firms. With this comprehensive document in your back pocket, you can find a way to address just about any problem that can arise in your organization.

For other, more in-depth business methodology framework and methodology documents, take a look here:

Here is a list of 4 PowerPoint documents that convey over 100+ different business frameworks and management models. They cover just about every business concept you can imagine. At the bottom, I’ve listed all the frameworks included in each document.

23 Corporate Strategy and Management Models

30 Business Performance Improvement Models

28 Organization, Change, and HR Models

28 IT Management Models

Flevy’s full collection of PowerPoint templates can be found here: https://flevy.com/function/powerpoint-templates-ppt

* * * *


1. 3 C’s
2. ADL Matrix
3. Acquisitions Integration Approaches
4. Blue Ocean Strategy
5. Capability Maturity Model
6. GE-McKinsey Matrix
7. OODA Loop
8. Profit Pools
9. Resource-based View of Firm
10. Scenario Planning
11. Strategy Maps
12. Application Portfolio Optimization
13. Value Stream Mapping
14. Six Thinking Hats
15. 4 P’s Marketing Mix
16. 7 P’s Marketing Mix
17. 6 Change Approaches
18. Cultural Dimensions Theory
19. Six Sigma Quality Management
20. Change Management Iceberg
21. Organizational Learning
22. Performance Prism
23. Crossing the Chasm


1. ISO 9001 Quality Management Model
2. Baldrige Performance Excellence Model
3. EFQM Business Excellence Model
4. Balanced Scorecard
5. Hoshin Kanri Model
6. Benchmarking Model
7. Business Process Re-engineering Model
8. Shingo Model for Lean Transformation
9. Lean Management Model (TPS)
10. Lean Leadership & Kaizen Model
11. Lean Maturity Model
12. Value Stream Mapping
13. Eight Types of Waste
14. Lean Levers
15. Gemba Framework
16. Cause & Effect Diagram ( Fishbone Diagram, Ishikawa Diagram)
17. 5S Principles
18. Plan-Do-Check-Act Model
19. PDCA Problem Solving Process
20. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Pillars
21. DMAIC Process Improvement Model
22. Law of 10
23. Training Within Industry (TWI)
24. A3 Storyboard Template
25. PACE Prioritization Matrix
26. Payoff Evaluation Matrix
27. Cost of Quality Model
28. SERVQUAL Model
29. ADKAR Model
30. Kotter Change Management Model


1. IMPA HR Competency Model
2. NAPA Competency Model for HR Professionals
3. Ulrich’s HR Competency Model
4. Ulrich’s Matrix on the Four Roles of HR
5. The Harvard Model of Strategic HRM
6. AHRI Model of Excellence
7. People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM)
8. SHRM Elements for HR Success
9. Ulrich’s Stages of Employee Connection to the Organization
10. Talent Management Framework
11. Novations Four Stages of Contribution Model
12. Ulrich’s Five Rules for Leadership (Leadership Code)
13. ASTD Competency Model
14. Senge’s Learning Organization Model
15. High-Impact Learning Organization Model
16. Tuckman’s Model of Team Development Stages
17. The Emotional Competence Framework
18. Bridges’ Transition Model
19. Lewin’s Three Stage Change Model
20. The McKinsey 7S Model
21. ADKAR Change Model
22. Kotter’s Change Management Model
23. Cause & Effect Diagram for HR Systems
24. ISO 9001 Quality Management Model
25. Baldrige Performance Excellence Model
26. EFQM Business Excellence Model
27. Kaplan & Norton Balance Scorecard
28. Xerox Benchmarking Model


1. IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Model
2. ISO/IEC 20000 IT Service Management Model
3. ISO/IEC 27000 Information Security Management Systems Model
4. COBIT 5 Model
5. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
6. People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM)
7. ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE)
8. Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3)
9. Portfolio, Programme, Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3)
10. Portfolio, Programme, Project Office Model (P3O)
11. PRINCE2 Project Management Model
12. IDEAL Model
13. Waterfall Model
14. Agile Model
15. Scrum Model
16. Enterprise Data Architecture Models
17. COPC-2000 Model
18. Lean Levers for IT Outsourcing
19. Cause & Effect Diagram ( Fishbone Diagram, Ishikawa Diagram)
20. DMAIC Process Improvement Model (Six Sigma)
21. ISO 9001 Quality Management Model
22. Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Model
23. EFQM Business Excellence Model
24. Balanced Scorecard
25. Xerox Benchmarking Model
26. SERVQUAL Model
27. ADKAR Model
28. Kotter Change Management Model

Flevy is now the largest and fast growing provider of high quality business documents.  On their blog, they have just published a comprehensive list of recommendations by business topic (e.g. Presentation Design, Strategic Planning, Marketing, etc.).

For the source article (which will be updated on an ongoing basis), please go here:

The original identified list of topics and documents are re-published below.



5S for the Office

5S Visual Workplace

5S: Five Disciplines for High Workplace Productivity



Business Case Development Framework

Capital Investment Analysis



Change Management Methodology

Soft Side of Change Management



Growth Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy - framework on creating an uncontested marketplace (more info here: http://flevy.com/blue-ocean-strategy)

Consolidation-Endgame Curve - this framework was developed AT Kearney and highlights the appropriate strategy for businesses driven by the lifecycle of the industry (e.g. when to make acquisitions, when to focus on operations/cost management)

Porter’s Five Forces

Fiaccabrino Sales Selection Process - this framework focuses on selecting a top notch sales team, developed by a sales executive who grew Roche Diagnostics to a Fortune 200 company

Five Stages of Business Growth



Strategic Marketing and Sales Plan Template

Strategic Marketing and Sales Planning Guide/Framework

Market Segmentation and Analysis Tool

Marketing Channel Ranking Tool



Corporate Strategy/Management Models/Diagrams

Business Performance Improvement Models/Diagrams

Strategy Frameworks Diagrams

Organization, Change, & HR Models/Diagrams



PPT Library - 600+ slides of general diagrams

Consulting Diagrams and General Business Diagrams

Process, System, Transformation Diagrams

Transformation Maps

You may also want to download some of our free resources:





Structured Problem Solving & Hypothesis Generation

PDCA Problem Solving Tools & Technique

8D Problem Solving Process





Business Strategy Design

Breakthrough Strategy Formulation

Strategy Development Methodology

Strategic Analysis

Creative Thinking in Strategy Development



Strategy Planning and Deployment

Balanced Scorecard - explanation of BSC (scorecarding/KPI framework) and how to use it as a strategic management system

Hoshin Kanri - a strategic planning methodology

Strategic Business Planning

Success Is System, Failure Is Component Framework

Scenario Planning



Structured Thinking 101: Clarity Through Storylines - this seller, TeamNeosi, specializes in corporate communications and spent 20 years at McKinsey as a communications specialist

Structured Communication, Presentation Development, and Storyboarding

Presentation Development Primer (Storyboarding, Slide Design)



Guide to Building an Acquisition Strategy and Valuation Methodologies

Finance and Valuation Basics

Valuation Model (DCF) Example/Template




Flevy.com is the #1 online provider of high quality business documents, offering a vast and growing inventory of business methodologies, financial models, and PowerPoint templates.  Flevy covers a wide breadth of corporate functions, from Information Technology to Corporate Strategy to Change Management.  The business documents found on Flevy are of the same caliber as those produced by top tier management consulting firms.

This morning, the company launched the Flevy Affiliate Program.  Under this program, people can join as Affiliates and earn commissions by referring either Customers and/or Sellers to Flevy.

Full details of the program can be found here: http://flevy.com/affiliates.

By referring Customers, the Affiliate earns a commission on the Customers’ total purchase.  The commission rate is driven by the total sales for that calendar month.  The program is modeled after the Amazon Associates Program.  By referring Sellers, the Affiliate earns ongoing commissions based on sales generated from the Sellers’ documents.  Flevy is offering increased commission rates–up to 15% on all sales–for early adopters to its affiliate program.

Read the full press release here:  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/02/prweb11551796.htm.

Here is a large collection of over 170 slides of commonly used consulting diagrams and design templates.

The PowerPoint slide collection includes:

  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Organisation Charts
  • Timelines and Gantt Charts
  • Text Based
  • Process Flows
  • Other Information, shapes and conceptual charts

Preview and download the full document here:

For more PowerPoint templates and diagrams, check out the vast selection on Flevy here:


Here is a compilation of 600+ editable diagrams, maps and graphics to be used in Powerpoint in order to enhance visual quality of your presentations and increase productivity.

This document is broken down into the following section:
  • Country Maps
  • Globe and World Maps
  • Yin Yangs
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Light Bulbs
  • Puzzles
  • Pyramids and Stacks
  • Impossible Scenarios
  • Process and Flowcharts
  • Chess and Games
  • Relationships
  • Gantt Charts
  • Labyrinths
  • Blocks
  • Gears
  • Torn Paper
  • Curves
  • Springs
  • Fishbones
  • Evolution
  • Rounds and Targets
  • Tables and Matrices
  • Transformation Maps
  • Organization Charts
  • Step Boxes
  • Table of Contents
  • Boxes and Influences
  • Other Diagrams
  • Flags
This seller on Flevy enargeia specializes in PowerPoint templates and diagrams.  View all of enargeia’s documents here:

Flevy (http://flevy.com) is the marketplace for premium business documents.  People can go to Flevy to buy and sell business frameworks/methodologies, PowerPoint templates, financial models, and other similar documents.  Most documents are of the same quality you’d expect to be produced by a top tier consulting firm–in fact, almost all the documents are produced by management consultants.

For Flevy, 2013 marks its first full year of operation.  Here is a list of their best selling documents in 2013, ranked by total sales through the year.

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This presentation is a collection PowerPoint diagrams and templates used to convey 23 different business strategy and management models. Models/frameworks include the following: 3 C’s ADL Matrix Acquisitions Integration Approaches Blue Ocean [Read More]
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The McKinsey 7-S Strategy Model is a business framework used to evaluate organizational effectiveness and alignment. It identifies 7 internal, interrelated organizational elements: Shared Vision, Strategy, Structure, Systems, Style, Staff, and [Read More]
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This presentation is a collection of PowerPoint diagrams and templates used to convey 26 different IT governance, management and delivery excellence models. Models/frameworks include the following: 1. IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) [Read More]
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Hoshin Kanri process is a powerful strategic planning methodology for defining long-range key entity objectives. These are breakthrough objectives that extend two to five years with little change. In addition, the Hoshin Kanri process does not lose [Read More]
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The Business Case is an instrumental tool in both justifying a project (requiring a capital budgeting decision), as well as measuring the project’s success. The Business Case model typically takes the form of an Excel spreadsheet and [Read More]
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This is a functional workbook that allows users to plan and track projects against requirements gathered as part of a program. It is versatile enough and customizable to be useful for any type of project. For example, it can be used to document [Read More]
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From a high-level, the goal of a marketing strategy is to identify a target market and develop a marketing mix that will appeal to those potential customers. Decisions regarding the ideal marketing mix can be organized in terms of Price, [Read More]
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This is a collection of common Strategy and Management Consulting Frameworks. It contains 2 sections. Strategy Frameworks — includes SWOT, Stages of Growth, Hedgehog Concept, BCG Matrix, Customer Intimacy – Cost Leadership – Product [Read More]
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This Excel-based Competitive Analysis Template is designed to help you determine your market position with regards to value, price, and market share. This tool allows you to define and determine the core value drivers for your customers, and allows [Read More]
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The easiest way to create design charts. Check the samples, enter your own data and watch as your charts update. Multiple different charts from the same data, with many automatic calculations made for you. No code, macros, formulas or other [Read More]
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Innovative business models can reshape industries and drive tremendous growth. However, many organization find business model innovation difficult. The framework outlined in this presentation is based on the HBR article “Reinventing Your [Read More]
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This document provides a comprehensive and very well crafted summary of Blue Ocean Strategy. It explains its principles, tools, and frameworks using simple and carefully selected examples, which tie the framework to real world, modern organizations. [Read More]
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Clarity is critical in business communication of all kinds, yet difficult to achieve. This pack outlines five clear steps that will enable you to clarify your thinking for both yourself and your audience while preparing any kind of [Read More]
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This document is a collection of 3-Year, 4-Year, and 5-Year Transformation Map (T-Map) PowerPoint Templates. [Read More]
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Clients often look aghast when we tell them that writing is easy. And not just easy, but really easy … once you know what you need to say. This toolkit provides a five-step structured thinking process used by blue-chip management consultants [Read More]
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This document outlines a 3-phase framework for conducting robust Strategic Analysis, based on a paper published by A. E. Boardman and A. R. Vining. The framework describes the major elements of a strategic analysis, and consists of a [Read More]
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This presentation provides an in-depth discussion on Pricing Strategy. Topics include: *Skimming vs. Penetration *Consumer Adoption Curve *Advantages and Disadvantages *Pricing Approach *Price Curve Analysis *Price Sensitivity [Read More]
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If you have Microsoft Excel, you can now generate Project Style Calendar Plans/GANTT Charts (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or ALL at the same time), just by entering the tasks and associated data like it’s name and the starting and end [Read More]
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All businesses face the challenge of achieving sustainable growth. Growth is commonly inhibited by a lack of breakthrough ideas, balancing cost-out and margin trade-offs, and execution challenges. This business framework document discusses [Read More]
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This presentation is a collection of PowerPoint diagrams and templates used to convey 26 different business performance improvement models. Models/frameworks include the following: 1. ISO 9001 Quality Management Model 2. Baldrige [Read More]